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Nara – Eagles Nest @ Femjoy

Nara - Eagles Nest @ Femjoy
High up in the air, Nara is spreading her wings, urging all who look up
to revel in her secrets. Like an eagle, she hovers above the rocks. But
she is so much more than an eagle. Let us call her angel, vision, nymph
of the sky. But whatever you call her, she is fine to look at.

Nara is a force of nature. So round and ripe and luscious. You don’t
find bodies like this often. And with the camera angles possible due to
her limber rock climbing, you get to see things that you might not
normally see. And it is all good.

Come watch Nara as she flies.

Yanina – Lucid @ Femjoy

Yanina - Lucid @ Femjoy

There is little to distract in these pictures of the beautiful Yanina. There are no props, no scenery. She has platinum blond hair, ice blue eyes, and a 1000-watt smile. Her carefree confidence shines through as she lounges and the camera stays close (wouldnÂ’t you?), and Yanina appears accessible. She has a carefree, confident attitude as she poses and arranges herself for your enjoyment. The camera stays close and we are able to imagine that this curvaceous girl-next-door is lying in our living room.

FEMJOY models are special because of their natural beauty, and Yanina is an excellent example of this. Her smile is open and inviting, her skin is smooth, and her full breasts and puffy pink nipples are the perfect size for a pleasure-seeking hand. In this series, Yanina starts out lounging on her side, sweetly and coyly giving you peeks at the treasure lying between her creamy, slender thighs. As the set continues, Yanina gets playful, tossing her hair and brazenly showing you her sweet ass. She continues to turn up the heat with sassier poses and gorgeous looks at her smooth, enticing sex.

Yanina – Candis @ Femjoy

Yanina - Candis @ Femjoy

This week we decided to feature a photo series starring Yanina, called “Candis,” as our Best Of series. And the fact is, we don’t feel we need to justify the choice. All you need to do is look at the photos here…just a few of the many we have of this gorgeous Swedish blonde inside our site…and we trust you’ll agree: Yanina deserves all the praise she can get.

The location for this shoot is a bright, sunny, mid-day window. There are flowers in a vase (which Yanina at one point takes ahold of and cuddles tightly to various tender parts of her body). On the pane, which is large enough for Yanina to sit in, our model poses, turning to and fro, giving us various angles on her delectable young body.

This is a show that you won’t believe. Every part of this woman is sheer perfection. Her large, round, yet perky breasts, cupped by pointy, full nipples. Her plump behind, smooth and sensuous. Her flowing blonde hair. And her captivating smile. Yanina is everything you’ve ever dreamt of.

She is our Best Of model of the week, and she is waiting for you inside.

Kinga – Jewel @ Femjoy

Kinga - Jewel @ Femjoy
What is it about island girls? Is it the sun-streaked hair? The glowing skin? The toned body that comes from swimming and playing in the surf? Sure, all of these things, but more importantly there is an attitude. Island girls are carefree. They carry a lightness and radiance with them. They want to have fun, enjoy life, and relish in every pleasurable sensation.

In the 20 photos in this week’s pick for the Best Of FEMJOY series, Kinga’s beauty tempts even the strongest of men. On an island of cliffs and rocks surrounded by a blue-green sea, she is both a flirtatious youth and an artful vixen. Her poses tell us that she knows what makes men weak and she could not be more on the money. She coquettishly shows her backside to the camera with an adorable look over her shoulder, balances gracefully on the rocks, highlighting her smooth hourglass shape, and in every position her breasts are the perfect shape and weight to fit in a man’s hand.

Click to continue and spend some time with Kinga, a Siren of mythical proportion. And if, like so many sailors and explorers before you, you find you can’t tear yourself away, take heart. With FEMJOY, you can leave and this intoxicating girl will wait for your return.

June – Natural Red @ Femjoy

June - Natural Red @ Femjoy

One look at June in her photo series, “Natural Red,” and you’re certain to sense a lot about this vibrant young woman. Her smile is unmistakably genuine. Her body is gorgeous and athletic and powerful. And her style of posing is playful and lively. Yes, June is the real deal – a young woman with a lot of her life ahead of her who is having a blast exploring her sensuality by posing nude.

And that’s why we chose her photo set as our Best Of this week. Because when you look at what June is doing here, who June is, you get a deeper appreciation for what’s so special about FEMJOY. To put it simply, our models are unique. You’re not going to find models like these, models like June, on any other site on the web. They are happy, powerful, professional, ambitious, smart, energetic young women…women just like you’d meet on the street in your town or city…but they also happen to be incredibly beautiful and willing to share their nudity with the world.

Why? Because they trust FEMJOY and believe in our photographers. That’s June’s position, anyway. She’s never posed nude anywhere else, and probably never will, but with FEMJOY and our photographer, she was happy to do it.

And there you have it. A natural red beauty sharing it all. That’s definitely the FEMJOY way.

Katalin – Wild Flowers @ Femjoy

Katalin - Wild Flowers @ Femjoy
In the middle of the second year of FEMJOY – October 2005 – we posted a photo set called "Wild Flowers" starring a beautiful young model named Katalin. The image of Katalin with flowers in her hair, her heavy, pendulous, succulent breasts held in her arms, became iconic among our early members. We have chosen this set as this week’s Best Of photo collection because, well, it shows us how good we were when we began, and it shows us how far we’ve come since then. And it’s all good. Pure nude goodness.

In this set, young Katalin, covered in freckles and sweet as candy, stretches out among the wild flowers of a field in southern France. She’s fully nude. A signature style of FEMJOY. Most other sites have their models spend half a photo set in clothes. We start them nude and we end them nude. Katalin is also out in the open, enjoying nature, giving her body to the elements. This is another signature style of FEMJOY. Our beautiful natural creates like to bask in beautiful natural spaces, and the beauty is increased exponentially.

FEMJOY’s beautiful beginnings are in this photo set. Come in and enjoy an early photo set, and then, just think…there are three more years of updates after this one!

Laura – Fluorescence @ Femjoy

Laura - Fluorescence @ Femjoy
Vienna is an ancient city of culture and sensual pursuits, giving the world
over the centuries some of the finest music, art, and philosophy ever created.
But Vienna has produced something else of astounding elegance and refinement,
and her name is Laura. And now that she wanted to be photographed for
FEMJOY, you can experience the glories of Vienna from the comforts of your own

Laura is as natural as they come. You’ll see in her photoshoot what a premium
she puts on just being herself. And why not? When you’re born as perfect as
Laura, being yourself is as close as you can get to incredible. In nothing more
than a t-shirt and jeans, with wonderful natural attributes, Laura is the
epitome of glamour and fashion, but of the down-home, earthy variety.

As new model on FEMJOY, Laura awaits your arrival in lovely, sensual Vienna

June – Pure Beauty @ Femjoy

June - Pure Beauty @ Femjoy
The decision about "where to shoot a model" is always a difficult one. If you get a great model, you want to put her in a great location, but you also need to make sure the location doesn’t upstage her. The magic is in the mix – a model doesn’t need a great location, she needs the right location, and sometimes the right location is no location at all, allowing, thereby, the model to shine in all her absolute glory.

Such was the decision made by our FEMJOY photographer in the beautiful photo series, June – Pure Beauty. All you have here is a lovely young model named June posing in front of a pure white background. There literally is no set. Of course, to pull something off like this, a model has to be incredible. Not only gorgeous, but her posing style needs to be full of character and sensuality. And of course, as you can see from these samples, June possesses such attributes and talents.

In front of a pure white nothingness, June’s pure beauty shines forth. Only at FEMJOY.

Lea – Unchained @ Femjoy

Lea - Unchained @ Femjoy

This week’s Best of FEMJOY series features Lea in a collection of hushed, sensuously lit images entitled “Unchained.” But wait a minute. Isn’t that word “chains” a signifier of something you wouldn’t expect from FEMJOY – the thrills of gentle bondage often practiced in dark dungeons and Japanese galleries?

Well, fact is, the “bondage” in this series is of the tamest nature, and it is actually only by “suggestion,” making it, in our opinion, even MORE arousing than your typical “tied up girl” fare. To see Lea “chained” in several strings of pearls will probably excite the interests of even those who don’t have a taste for the more “restrictive” arts of bondage.

For when Lea gets tied up in her pearls, it’s all a part of the gentle game of seduction. She lets them hang gently around her breasts. She strings them gingerly across her thighs, letting them dangle in front of her sex. And she almost seems in control of her own bondage, as if she’s doing it just to give off the hint, the aroma, of passionate embrace.

Lea in pearls. Lea “unchained.” Lea tying herself up for your pleasure. Now that is the BEST of FEMJOY!!!

Elli – Teen Beauty @ Femjoy

Elli - Teen Beauty @ Femjoy

Meet Elli, one of our new models, and definitely one of our most tempting teen beauties. We have a lot of kinds of girls on FEMJOY, from elegant to sophisticated to bodacious to delicate, and Elli is definitely in the last category. This is her first time posing naked, so enjoy this tender spring blossom as it opens for your eyes only!

Elli is from Germany, where she’s a nursing student. At only 19, she’s only recently become interested in nude modeling, and decided to give it a try because her sister is close to one of our photographers. With the trust established, Elli warmed quickly to the idea, and from all reports she’s glad she did it!

Elli is not only beautiful on the outside, but she’s beautiful on the inside too. Everyone who knows her praises her joyous spirit and intimate way of communicating. She’s the kind of girl that can get to know you in just a few moments. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

So, here’s to Elli, our new teen beauty! Come into FEMJOY to see all her shots, and be one of the lucky few to be present at her “coming out”!!!